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Thousands of Transgender individuals are scattered across the world and even though it is not easy to gauge the size of the Transgender population in Nigeria, it is obvious that the number is growing as gender-reassignment surgeries gain popularity. Beyond space tourism as a platform for steamy shenanigans, space missions are the perfect petri dishes for close encounters, and this year NASA certainly has a busy flight schedule, with five missions planned. A number of people have gone through the journey of gender change twice—gender reassessment and detransitioning. One instance that readily comes to mind is that of Mark Marzo, who underwent sex change from being a man to a woman, then went back to being a man. Meanwhile, nobody claims to know whether "it" has happened already in space. Politics aside, "research would suggest that a mixed crew of men and women would probably be best," Kring said. Things will get even more interesting with future long-duration missions envisioned for the moon, Mars and beyond.

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Up until the s, NASA crews were all male.

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Parody: For Better Or For Worse

Koichi Wakata slated to become Japan's first long-duration space flyer this year and China gearing up for its first spacewalk scheduled for October. Findings show that one of the greatest concerns of Transgender, among others, is support. And more countries than ever are now venturing into space, with Japanese astronaut? Meanwhile, nobody claims to know whether "it" has happened already in space. Jeanna has an English degree from Salisbury University, a Master's degree in biogeochemistry and environmental sciences from the University of Maryland, and a science journalism degree from New York University.

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