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Samosa - Set 01 - Teen. The atmosphere on the dark side of Aether is usually harmful to Samus's health, but the Dark Suit allows her to venture more boldly into the abrasive territory. Ads keep SmashWiki independent and free: Samus was more naive early in her career. One of Samus's strongest finishers when sweetspotted, though it is usually difficult to land the sweetspot, due to her bad short hop and limited ways of comboing into it. Samus Comic - Stranded.

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The suit grants her Metroid-like aspects, like more acrobatic prowess, and most importantly the ability to absorb X Parasites by making contact with them.

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Very high base knockback and decent scaling. This allows her to grab opponents from a distance, but the grab is very laggy if it misses. Good spacing move or KOer near the ledge. However, Samus has many glaring weaknesses. Lobstrus 22 Sep, Against grounded opponents, it can also lead into moves such as back aerial.

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