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The Party games are like Breakout with genitals, as you use a paddle to bump a naked person against a wall of bodies of the opposite gender. Elizabeth is not one of these escorts. No matter the trials or the odds she faces, she fights through the pain and never lets her resolve waver. Which, of course, means that they've been running around with their junk hanging out the whole time. Whether the nudity is for an 'arty' scene or just the byproduct of a stark custom character, the following games present our heroes the way they were born: Guys are guys, and we like sexy.

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Many female characters are just convenient narrative devices used to push the story forward, making their behaviour seem less than natural, but everything Alyx does and says has both context and meaning.

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List of Female Characters in Video Games

A little known fact about video games: As you can see, she is a very unique female character who has gone through struggles only a woman can imagine. In the two most recent Saints Row games, you need to partake in a series of 'Diversions' to fully complete the game, and there is a strict birthday suits only dress code. But even when the doctrine she grew up with turns out to be a lie and everyone she's trying to protect turns against her, she chooses to carve her own path and refuses to give up on what she knows is right. While she might appear to be slightly over the top, her appearance and character fit perfectly into the game world and she became a quick fan favorite for cosplay. Gone are the days where female characters are just glassy-eyed dolls, damsels in distress or mere extensions of the main character.

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